How to Write Nice Articles, Fast?

That is one of my struggles today. How can I generate articles that are easy to read, provide useful information, and can be written fast.

It’s not to hard to accomplish one of those criteria. You can write something very fast but it will likely not be easy to read. And the information could be lacking too.

Some people will say, you should never be aiming to write anything fast. A good piece of content deserves your time and attention. There is already enough crappy content in the world, you should be aiming for quality over quantity.

Well, they have a good point. There is a lot of low quality content out there. A lot is generated by content spinners and robots. The rest is copy pasted from other websites. Still, it’s hard to invest several days of writing into a single article. Personally, I really like to be efficient.

So what is one to do ? We have a website that needs content. We don’t have a lot of time.

How about outsourcing?

It’s quite easy to hire writers for good rates. And by using only a few writers for the whole website, consistency can be achieved quite easily.