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Inspired: It’s time to protect your attention

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

“Your attention is precious. Don’t squander it. Don’t let anyone or anything steal it from you. Own your attention — it’s all you really have.” -Jonathan Harris

Your attention is your greatest asset because it harnesses your energy and time. Here are 5 ways I safeguard mine:

1.) Keep a book of ideas
My friend, Crystal, bought me a journal for my birthday with the words “brilliant ideas” on the cover. I use it to house my ideas about anything and everything, brilliant or not. This journal reminds me to tap in.

2.) 6 impossible things
Influenced by the famous quote from Alice in Wonderland, I just started writing down 6 impossible things before breakfast to get my creative juices flowing first thing in the morning. More on this in a future blog post!

3.) Meditate
It doesn’t have to be an elaborate, complicated practice. I sit up in bed when I wake up, close my eyes, and just focus on my breath for a few minutes. I remind myself that I am strong, healthy, and capable. I silently express my gratitude that I am alive and that I get to have another day to make a difference – my singular goal every day.

4.) Let go of “stuff”
I’ve never been a big “stuff” person. I don’t have fancy clothes, jewelry, or household items. After my apartment building fire almost 5 years ago, I became even less materialistic and I live without very many personal items at all. I recently had to downsize to take a short-term sublet as I figure out my next step in life. Giving away even more things to people who really needed them made me so happy. My life is richer with fewer physical possessions.

5.) Consciously look for beauty
On Monday, I went to the park with my nieces. My 4-year-old niece, Aubree, said, “Nan (her nickname for me), look!” She was staring out at the lake. “I don’t see anything,” I said. “What are you looking at?” “Look at the sunshine,” she said. “It’s so beautiful!” She is a wise little lady. The sunshine was beautiful. And I was missing it. Everywhere you go, look for beauty. It’s there and it inspires.

How do you pay attention?

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